Who We Are

 When you are searching for Real Estate, Rishta Infra build is the organization to CALL. We are here to serve you. Rishta Infra build is the most beneficial organization in your city and holds the refinement of the most deals per Office. With respect to your needs, Rishta Infra Build has a specialist in Residential, Flats, Commercial, Rentals, Property Management, Relocation, and Luxury Homes.

Our Team Work for You

RISHTA INFRA BUILD is a company that is recognized by its clients as a professional service provider and is symbolized by its strong identity. Our strong professionalism is apparent in the way we drive to work, what we wear and how we meet our clients. Join the RISHTA INFRA BUILD family and experience a luxurious lifestyle intended to give you a definitive feeling of comfort. We constantly offer the most astounding quality. There are many properties accessible, extending from extravagance to unobtrusive, and found in various areas over the locale. And offers free updates concerning special offers and new listings. You can find useful information about all the locations written by our local experts. We have extensive Real Estate Company options that help you find the property you are looking for in your desired area.

Our Support Team

The general population who have been a wellspring of constant power and quality to ‘Rishta Infra Build’ are our establishment columns. Their administration aptitudes and ceaseless undertaking to make Rishta Infra Build a stride in front of its partners as well as surpass its own particular execution have empowered Rishta Infra Build Pvt. Ltd. to be at the plain best of the rundown of Real Estate Association in Lucknow and remain there solidly.